Olivia Maids

 Professional cleaning services - Empowering local ladies - Building strong communities

About Our Maid Services

  • Providing professional and efficient services to expat businesses and households
  • Background security checks on our staff to ensure honesty
  • Crisp uniforms and well groomed maids with good personal hygiene
  • We provide the cleaning supplies so you don't have to!
  • Contracted, monthly payment with our firm means no employment liability for our customers

Improving Communities
Empowering Women

The cleaning service industry is one where employees are often off record, are marginally paid and do not receive any benefits. Our firm leverages a value-add model to enable us to pay our employees the highest wages in the community, pay social security/unemployment contributions, and provide healthcare and other employment benefits. 

Olivia Maids - a maid service company that trains, inspires and empowers women to become leaders in their communities.   

What Our Customers Say About our Fantastic Ladies

“The Olivia Maid ladies are professional, hardworking and honest.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any expat interested in simplifying their household services”
“We use Olivia Maids for our crewhouse.  They do a great job.  Never had any problems.”
“Do a good job, and don't need supervision, but are willing to tackle the toughest grime.”